Our Father

Who is Our Father? Even though He is God, the supreme Being and Creator of the entire universe including all mankind despite the persistent denial of some, He is Our Father in every sense of the word. He loves us profoundly as His children and desires immensely to be a central part of our daily lives. For example He wishes us to have ongoing intimate conversations with Him all throughout our daily lives as Our Father, in the same manner that we would normally carry on simple and intimate conversations with our earthly fathers, within the context of a functional child-father relationship. But why would Our Father desire each and every one of us to have such intimacy with Him, when He is the Almighty and Omnipotent God? In brief, He does not need us.

Our Father wishes to be very present both to us and in us as a Father throughout our daily lives because that is His primary function as God: Eternal Father. The Father of everyone and everything that has ever existed, exists, and is to come; since He is the first Person of the Holy Trinity. As such Our Father greatly desires us to intimately and directly share every aspect of our lives with Him, with simplicity and genuineness in our hearts. Our Father desires to be central in our lives as we are an essential part of Him, by sharing with Him everything that we are going through, desire, and may need: our joys, wishes, aspirations, labors, sorrows, fears, anxieties. In sum He loves us as His children and deeply desires us to embrace Him in our hearts as our very own Father, by truly acting as His children: talking and sharing with Him everything that we experience on a daily basis, in the same way that we would talk about such things with our earthly fathers during the course of our lives.

In sharing in this manner with Our Father every aspect of our daily being and living – that is by speaking directly and intimately to Him with simplicity of heart, colloquial language, genuineness of intent, and heartfelt respect – God the Father listens to us with tremendous joy, as we take Him to our hearts as Father. We give Him the space to fulfill His Fatherly function and shower us, generally much to our surprise, with the felt infinity of His Love. Indeed such an intimate process of dialog directly touches Our Father’s Divine Heart and makes Him want to give us all that we desire and need, rather than just grant it to us out of His infinite mercy. Giving both ourselves and Him tremendous pleasure and joy that results in an endless Father-child relationship of Love. When we share our daily lives with Our Father in such manner – sharing the innermost secrets and desires of our hearts with Him – Our Father happily repays our trust in Him as a Father by not only giving us what we asked for, but by actually and actively showering us with abundance far beyond the reach of our imagination. That is beyond the wildest of our dreams and hopes for ourselves, because He Is the Father of Life and Love.