Living in the Divine Heart of God the Father – 1 – Intimacy

Living in the Divine Heart of God the Father means returning to live within His Divine Will. As Our Father, He loves us with a love beyond anything that we could possibly imagine. However our tendency as human beings has generally been not to reciprocate His Love. We tend to take Him for granted, turning to Him when all else fails us and then only to ask Him for favors. Instead of developing, having, and maintaining a true child-Father relationship with Him, with all the give-and-take that such a relationship necessarily entails. Not that Our Father does not give us the help we need when we sincerely and humbly ask Him for assistance, because He gives us this regularly and so much more that we are generally not even aware of. But as a true Father, as a real Father, God desires greatly to live with and in all His children in an intimate manner, because that is both what He created us for and it is also what a healthy child-Parent relationship is all about. A most important and sorely needed dynamic in all its dimensions these days, given the absence (physical and/or emotional) of many earthly fathers from the lives of their children.  

God the Father created us to glorify Him: that is, to delight in us as human beings of His creation in a reciprocal dynamic of knowing, loving, and glorifying that result in indescribable and immeasurable joy, love, peace, and happiness. The joy, peace, love, and happiness that can never be fully provided by man to the deepest recesses and needs of our beings. Our Father has in fact shared without limits every part of Himself with us, including both His very own Son and His Spirit. Thus as a Father, God the First Person desires immensely in His Heart that we take Him genuinely into our hearts and share without any fear every aspect of our lives with Him, no matter the content of such aspect, because He is indeed Our very own Father and we are truly His children.

So how can we return to live in Our Father’s Divine Will and permit ourselves to experience fully His Infinite Love for us? By developing an intimate relationship with Him through consecration to His Divine Heart. When we talk to Him with simplicity and honesty in the silence of our hearts, Our Father talks ever so tenderly back to us and showers us with great joy with His felt immeasurable Love. This is the kind of relationship that God the Father has greatly desired from each and every human being since the beginning of time: true intimacy with Him and deep love in a real child-Father relationship.