The infinite love of the Father’s Divine Heart

The Divine Heart of God the Father loves all of us, His adoptive children, with infinite love and eternal mercy, despite our frailty which at times leads us to sin even mortally, eradicating His Presence from within our souls by eliminating sanctifying grace. The Core of our Father’s Divine Heart is, in fact, indefatigable in calling out and attempting to reach every one of us to return to Him, no matter the present conditions of our respective spiritual states. But coaxing us with love both immeasurable and unfathomable by human standards, many of God our Father’s children remain deeply entrenched in sin during this postmodern age, seeming to love such a personal-spiritual situation more than they could love themselves. Others still do not know Him, do not care to know Him or actively hate Him, with the last two categories preferring the death of their souls that is so happily inflicted upon them by Satan and his minions (many have bought into the lie that this is pleasurable), rather than embracing and becoming embraced in the eternal, irreplaceable love of our one, true and only Father.

In both essence and being, the Core of God the Father’s Divine Heart is the origin of life and love, forming the spiritual umbilical cord from the Father to each human being – to the heart of our souls. The Core of the Father’s Heart is also the Heart of the most Holy Trinity, since it is one with the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, through the light and love of the Holy Spirit. Thus, the Father’s Heart never stops actively pursuing in a highly concerned, paternal manner all of us here on earth, despite the possibly dark conditions of our souls; deigning to descend from Heaven to meet and plead with us like a Beggar, to return and reconcile ourselves with Him, so that He can restore us to full communion with Himself and eternal life. This is the main reason the devotion to the Divine Heart of God our Father is making its appearance in this day and age, because so many of us have departed from living or attempting to live within our Father’s divine Will, regardless of consideration about our spiritual futures.