Achieving union with God the Father

God the Father asks us to talk with – that is to pray to – Him daily, sharing both our joys and sorrows with Him, as well as all of our hopes, desires, and issues; since He Is our Father and we are His children. His Divine Heart desires a true child-Father relationship with each and every one of us because He hungers to be our Father, Consoler, and Provider. Yet many of us tend to struggle with communicating effectively with Him for a variety of reasons, not the least of which may be fear and lack of knowledge, as well as the sense of formality that may have been drummed into us in childhood under the mistaken adult rationalization of respect equating with formality. However Our Father, being the benevolent Paternity that He Is, does not desire us to complicate our lives in attempting to pray to Him. Even though He does not dissuade us from doing so, should we feel the need to do so for some reason or another. What Our Father so greatly desires at the Core of His Divine Heart from every one of us is that we talk to Him with constancy, intimacy, primacy and centrality, simplicity, and above all deep honesty; as this is the same manner and level of passionate worship that was originally offered to Yahweh by Moses (Ex. 36:8 to 40:35).

It is immaterial what the quality of our communication – that is our prayer – may have been with Our Father before starting to become truly intimate with Him. When we talk with Our Father holding these five qualities in our hearts (or even through our feeble, though sincere, attempts at reaching some of these qualities in our hearts), the Divine Heart of God the Father is so profoundly moved by our attempts to include Him in our lives that He descends unhesitatingly and most rapidly to scoop us up into His Heart. Nesting us closely and safely near His precious Core, showering us ceaselessly with His graces in compensation for our lack with and through the Be-All and End-All of His Being. An experience that is felt within the deepest recesses of our souls, indeed with every fibre of our entire beings. From that moment onward all other attempts at talking with Our Father become extremely easy, falling into place with great simplicity, as though the entire jigsaw puzzle of the process of prayer has suddenly come together. In fact this is the greatest desire of Our Father’s Divine Heart: to be on truly intimate terms (rather than formal and distant) with each and every one of His children. That is to achieve full union and even more with each one of us, so that He can start speaking to us regularly in the hearts of our souls.