Consoling God the Father – 1

We have both the ability and the power to console God Almighty: think about that! We puny little children who are unable to do anything – not even breathe – unless He expressly wills it or permits it, have been granted the capacity by God the Father to console Him. Man can console God! Think about that, ponder that, reflect upon that. Precisely due to His Omnipotence, many of us tend to think that God Is the One Who should be consoling us. In fact this is how most of us act in our relationship with Our Father: we turn to Him grumpily and half-heartedly whenever we need something, whining and complaining endlessly about our ungratified needs. Then after He grants us our desires, we relegate Him to the back-burner; ignoring Him completely or almost completely until our next unmet need arises. If He is sufficiently lucky, we might give Him some thanks.

This is neither fair nor healthy or just, because the reality is that Our Father too needs to be consoled. God the Father needs consolation precisely because of our continuous wounding of His Divine Heart, through the ceaseless commission of our sins. The beauty of it all, though, is that we have been granted this ability by God Himself: that is as mere human beings, we have the power to console Our Almighty Father and Creator. The joy of consoling God can never be matched by anything or anyone else, because nothing greater exists on earth than the ability of man to console and love his Father Who Is God.