The joy of being little

God the Father loves souls who are little because it is when we become little – both in relation to Him and to other people – that we allow Him the space to fully carry out His function as Father. Letting His majesty, glory, and greatness appear without any hindrance from our selves, or at the very least a minimum of hindrance, since we are children. However becoming, being, and remaining little is not easy to achieve because it goes directly contrary to everything that we are socialized into believing since childhood, about how we should be in our postmodern societies. Specifically many of us are taught that we need to be winners, irrespective of the cost of this process both for ourselves and others, otherwise we will be losers in the eyes of the world. However we cannot be winners in this sense of the term if we truly want God to live in us on a daily basis, as such a set of mind and heart only makes God the Father shun us and His Holy Spirit flee, while we force Jesus to re-experience the pain of the Passion when receiving Him in the Eucharist. We need to be in the world but not of the world, because we cannot belong both to the world and to God, though many of us erroneously both think that we can and repeatedly attempt to ‘have our cakes and eat them.’ 

We need to choose through our own free will in whose camp we really wish to belong. For if we sincerely desire to gain access to the Fullness of our Inheritance (that is the Triune God, Lumen Gentium, 1964), we need to get our egos out of the way to both become and be little for the rest of our lives – the littlest of the little in fact – to be winners in essence rather than in name only. Like that Our Father becomes attracted by our humility and decides that, yes, He Is indeed going to come and live permanently in the hearts of our souls, rather than simply being with us during the routines of our daily lives. When we are little Our Father inundates us with His felt joy, peace, happiness, and love; a joy, peace, happiness, and love that are incomparable to anything else on earth. Moreover the freedom and liberty that accompany being little can never be matched by the ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ provided by mankind. Only in littleness can we ever be truly joyful and happy, no matter what the world may think of us and our choices, because only in littleness can we truly and intimately come to know and live in Our Father Who Is our Creator. We were designed by Him to be for Him since the beginning of time. For many this is the hardest thing to achieve because it is the epitome of counter-culturalness.