The joining of Heaven and earth – the beginning of the New Jerusalem

Infinite, immeasurable, boundless, and otherwise verbally indescribable are the peace, love, joy, and happiness that God the Father offers to all His children upon consecration to His Divine Heart, when we carry this out with true sincerity and honesty of heart. In addition to becoming fully His property by receiving God’s Fatherly Seal, we also become filled with the felt peace, love, joy, and happiness of Heaven since we enter into His Divine Will. Entering into Our Father’s Divine Heart and Will results in the literal joining together of Heaven and earth through and upon the territory of our very own souls, in essence fulfilling our constantly repeated request to God the Father (in the Lord’s Prayer) of “Thy Kingdom come.” For upon sincere consecration to His Divine Heart, Our Father joyously and delightedly descends to live in the hearts of our souls, through the communicative action of His Holy Spirit. This is the beginning of the New Jerusalem.