A union of Wills – 1

God the Father desires that each one of us joins our will to His Will, in order that He can both truly be and function as Our Father at each and every moment of our lives – the innermost desire and longing of His Divine Heart. In fact this is why He created us: so that we could be His children and He could be Our Father, loving us immeasurably for eternity. A Love with no felt or imagined earthly comparison. But how can we do this some of us may ask, or even what is the point of doing so others may ask, that is of deciding to join our wills to Our Father’s Will?

Uniting our wills to God the Father’s Will is both the manner and process through which we enter to live in His Divine Heart, thus entering into the encompassing and immensely freeing territory of His Will, because we consent that He comes to live in us (not just with us) and we reciprocally start living in Him. That is, in both essence and fact, we grant Him permission to enter and reside permanently in the hearts of our souls, in turn enabling us through this way of being to live in Him, with Him, for Him, and through Him in everything that we do henceforth. But since He Is the Almighty some may ask, hence Omnipotent, why do we need to give God our consent to come and reside in us? Cannot He just go ahead and do this all by Himself? Yes, He certainly can. But He does not do so because Our Father gave us free will in the first instance (when He created us as human beings) with which to make daily choices in our lives, so that we could glorify Him by being truly children of the Father rather than mere slaves.

Having given us free will, Our Father neither overrides it nor takes it back when we do not act in the manner He desires. He shows us His Heart’s deepest longings and waits – hungrily, like a beggar, with unquenchable thirst and Love on the doorsteps of our hearts – for our responses. He respects the choices that we decide to make, despite the grievious piercing of His Divine Heart, at times, by quite a few of our choices. Make no mistake: we do cause God to experience great sorrow over what we may select and proceed to do, but never does He override our free will.

God the Father greatly desires all of us to return to live within the context of His Divine Will, by voluntarily deciding – out of our free-will choices originating from the bottom of our hearts – to become fully encompassed within His Divine Heart. Like that He can finally start really functioning as a Father in our daily lives, making good use of our selves and talents according to His plan for all mankind, and heaven may be joined to earth. However to do this we need to sincerely decide to set aside our proud egos – a painful process for many of us – and give ourselves irrevocably to Him, without stingily holding any part of our selves back. Upon doing this He will provide us with everything that we may need, because a benevolent Father always provides for His children and this in abundance. Uniting our wills with Our Father’s Will is, in essence, the first step in the manner and process of both entering into, and the individual part of the coming of, the New Jerusalem (Rv. 21:2).