The arrow in the Divine Heart of God the Father

Every time we sin, regardless of its gravity, we plunge an arrow into the core of the Divine Heart of God the Father, for the core of His Heart is one with the Sacred Heart of His Son. The more we sin, the thicker is the arrow we plunge into His Heart, and the manner in which wesin – without compunction – the greater the strength and intensity of the arrow with which we pierce our Father’s core. Our sins appear as large, pitch-black stains on the brilliant whiteness, purity and light of the Father’s love. Yet what wounds our Father the most is not even the fact that we sin, although every sin we commit wounds His Divine Heart. What pierces God’s Heart the most is the carelessness and coldness with which we sin: as though nothing matters. Sins committed this way, through commission or omission, pierce our Father most painfully, as a very thick arrow enters mercilessly and ruthlessly from one side of the core of His Heart, to exit at the other side. In fact, if a human being had to go through such an experience, they would die in an instant as their heart would split in two.

God the Father knows we will sin because we are frail children endlessly tempted by our selves, the world and the roaming prince of darkness. But what wounds our Father the most is our ongoing, generalized indifference toward what we do to Him, our souls and our relationships with Him and others. This chronicity of indifference pierces God the most because all He desires from us is that we let Him truly be our Father, in our daily lives and in eternity, but we cannot attain the latter without His help which we constantly reject. When we sin this way, in essence we are telling our Father we do not care either about Him or His Paternal desires. Let us, therefore, remember the beauty, tenderness and preciousness of God our Father’s Divine Heart every time we find ourselves inclined to sin, so as not to plunge any more piercing arrows into that infinitely loving core of His Heart. Our Father has suffered enough. It is high time we play our part, for a true child-Father relationship is a two-way, not a one-way, street.