The Core of the Father’s Divine Heart

The Core of the Divine Heart of God the Father is that place in our Father’s Heart whereby emanates the spiritual umbilical cord of life and love, connecting itself directly to the heart of the soul of each human being on earth. This is how all mankind is spiritually attached to his or her Father in Heaven. It is from the most precious Core of the Divine Heart that the water of life incessantly comes forth and from which we regularly but unknowingly drink, to experience the life and love of God within the innermost recesses of our beings.

The Core of the Father’s Divine Heart is beautiful beyond description. In fact, for us to be able to better understand Him and His infinite love for us, God our Father has presented His Core to us as (1) being one with, (2) encompassing, and (3) being that place whereby resides the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, because the Core of our Father’s Heart exudes light, life and love, it is also the core – the Heart – of the most Holy Trinity; making God the Father the Alpha and Omega of creation. It is precisely at and through the Core of our Father’s Divine Heart that at the moment of conception our souls become imprinted in their heart with the image of God, before the heart of our souls become covered up with original sin. In essence, at conception is the newly formed soul beholds its divine Creator in all His Glory, at that split-second whereby the creation of the soul precedes the physical creation of the human being.

Having been struck at the heart, therefore, with the unrivaled brilliance, splendor and majesty of our Creator in the fullness of His divinity, our souls become subsequently unable to experience true peace, joy, love, light and happiness, until the re-encounter our Father once again in the deep confines of His Divine Heart. This is the reason why our souls are constantly searching, begging and seeking to be held safely and tightly once again in God the Father’s embrace, despite our generalized unawareness of this process or even our outright denial. Interiorly we are in an ongoing state of restlessness, until we voluntarily decide to give ourselves back to our Creator with the entirety of our beings, no matter how much we may try to silence such restlessness of soul through all kinds of exterior means. Let us, therefore, reunite ourselves with our Father by deciding to return to Him, so that we may satiate ourselves fully with life, light and love while still on earth; life, light and love that stream ceaselessly and abundantly from the fountain of His Divine Heart.