The Love and Peace of God the Father

The Love and Peace of God are unparalled by anything or anyone on earth. The Peace of God the Father is a profound interior peace that results in daily, and not-so-daily, life occurrences completely losing their power to disturb us regardless of their nature. In fact had the greatest disaster that we could possibly imagine to happen in reality, the Peace of God the Father – once given to, and accepted by, us unconditionally – would remain fully present and steadfast in the core of our souls. Serving as the rock which safely and securely maintains our personal ‘houses.’ Meanwhile the Love of Our Father is infinitely profound, pure, and tender. It is an extremely deep, gently caressing, wooing sweetness, warmth, and love; the likes of which are completely inexistent on earth. When the Father’s Love touches the soul, all the needs, pains, frustrations, and sorrows of the soul become suddenly obsolete. The soul feels completely filled and fulfilled in, with, and through her God. Nothing and no one else exists for the soul except God in His Trinitarian Glory: the fullness of our Inheritance (Lumen Gentium, 1964).

Our Father is God Almighty. As such many of us tend to conceptualize Him in our heads as an Omnipotent Deity who seems to proceed to ravage everything in sight that appears displeasing to Him. However Our Father is not like that, He Is an incredibly and immensely loving Father! The infinite tenderness and sweetness of His Love gently, profoundly, and most intimately caress, soothe, and simultaneously excite with tremendously intoxicating joy all dimensions of the soul. As though Our Father is presenting the latter with a large bouquet of infinitely varied and beautiful spiritual kisses and flowers. Through His Infinite Love – the gift to all humanity of His Divine Heart – God the Father woos and holds the soul, lightly but securely, in a perpetual cocoon of blissful Love and Peace. In turn setting the soul wildly aflame with heavenly happiness, joy, and reciprocal love for her Creator. 

All of this is freely available to us when we decide to return to God the Father, because Our Father intensely desires to hold and love in His Divine Heart in this manner each and every one of His children.