The beauty of God the Father’s Divine Will

The beauty of the existence of God the Father’s Divine Will is that we experience immeasurable freedom and liberty from the imprisoning chains of our selves when we set aside our wills to do His Will, because we then take for ourselves the inestimable freedom of God Himself. Nothing greater than this exists nor is there anything more beautiful in its perfection. What Our Father has becomes ours and what we have becomes fully His, in the ensuing reciprocal and infinitely ever-growing acts of intimate filial-Parental Love. But for this to happen it takes both a decisive and ongoing act of ‘setting aside’ on our part, in heartfelt reciprocated love for Our Father and Creator, as well as filial trust and abandonment in Him by us His children on earth. We cannot just sit back and ‘expect’ it to happen or expect others, including God Himself, to do our work for us. We have to actively carry out our personal-spiritual parts. 

When we sincerely decide to follow Our Father’s Will, that is when we decide to incorporate His Will into our own by opening up space for It so that He can fill us in our entireties, the joy that we experience is incomparable to anything that we may have experienced before. This because Our Father graciously, benevolently, and happily descends to live in the hearts of our souls through the power of the Holy Spirit and we ascend to live in His Divine Heart, in the commencement of the reality that is “God-with-them” (Rv. 21:3). In fact God the Father has always wanted to live with us and in us, to intimately and reciprocally enjoy us and give joy to us as His creation, but most often we have stubbornly refused this to Our Father. Thus it is in and through a union of wills that the Peace, Joy, and Glory of Heaven – that is the Eucharistic Reign of the New Jerusalem (Rv. 21:1-27) – will come on earth, both in and through the joining of wills of all the children of God with that of their Almighty Father. This is what, in essence, we pray for when we say “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”