The beauty of Our Father

The radiant beauty of God the Father is stunning and immeasurable. In fact the sheer splendor of His Light and Love are beyond immense. When Our Father attracts a soul to Himself to develop an intimate relationship with her, nothing else matters for the soul. The soul remains there transfixed, gazing at God the Father, admiring His Beauty and adoring the sweet sound of His Voice. Everything else pales in significance as Our Father fills the soul completely with His Being, Life, and Love; and the soul finds herself having no desire to separate from Him. Indeed she experiences any temporary separations that may occur as deep aches of longing, because all the soul wants to do is remain there forever, enveloped fully in Her Father’s embrace.

In this state of intimacy, the Father and the soul speak. Communicating to each other the desires of both their hearts in the simple, but very love-laden, language that is both the epitome and characteristic of the child-Parent relationship. Indeed both God and the soul engage in profound mutual enjoyment of each other: in and through His Divine Heart, the Father caresses, adores, Loves, plays with, and delights in the ultimate handiwork of His creation which is the soul. At times He also makes her laugh. Meanwhile the soul profoundly explores every aspect of her Father, concurrently adoring and loving Him, while being both in and with her Maker. The soul finds herself experiencing no hesitancy or fear in asking Him all kinds of questions, to which Our Father answers with great Joy and Love – even to those questions that we, in our humanity, might consider as some of the stupidest and most unworthy questions that anyone can ask from such an Almighty Being as God. The soul finds herself spontaneously doing all of this while admiring His Essence and consoling her Creator with the entirety of her being. Consolation that soothes Our Father’s open and wounded Divine Heart, and that also wins multiple graces by repairing for the indifference toward Him of the world. That is the indifference and hatred that the world has inflicted, inflicts, and continues to inflict so ruthlessly and coldheartedly on our most beloved Father and God.  

This is the kind of intimacy that Our Father deeply desires to develop with each one of us. It is both the relationship that He wants to have with every single one of His children and is freely available to all: it is neither impossible to attain, nor limited only to those whom we think of as saints. Our Father Who Is God, that is the Alpha and the Omega of all mankind, wants to have such intimacy with all of us sinners, which is possible and attainable when we voluntarily accept to enter into His Divine Heart.