When we sin

When we commit venial sin in the Presence of the fullness of our Inheritance (i.e., the Holy Trinity) in the heart of our souls, the first thing that happens is that the Holy Spirit flees. Then the Presence of God the Father diminishes because He Is pure Light, while the Presence of Jesus becomes very prominent because at that point we really need His Redemptive activity as High Priest. We are spiritually sick and need to be taken care of. Upon receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation from one of our ministerial priests with firm and sincere purpose of amendment in our hearts (something many of us tend to conveniently ‘forget’), the Presence of Jesus diminishes while the Presence of both Our Father and the Holy Spirit once again reach their fullness. The process of this Mystery illustrates how no one can return to the Father unless they first pass through the Son.

When we commit mortal sin, we end up with total silence from God as the Holy Trinity because we have, in essence, both voluntarily and deliberately decided to rupture our relationship with Them. We have literally decided to prefer ourselves to our Inheritance, renouncing the latter. However both Our Father and Jesus still do not condemn us as They are too kind and Loving to do that, even in the face of our gross defiance and sinfulness. We condemn ourselves as Truth shows us our bitter darkness, as we note Their silence and sadness at what we have decided deliberately to do. Meanwhile the silence serves as the ‘quiet nod’ for Satan to pounce in and claim the soul for Hell, should we happen to die unrepentantly in that state and Jesus then passes judgment on us. Make no mistake: Hell exists! Our guardian angel also flees, while never ceasing to pray for us, as he cannot stand the putrid stench that in essence arises to Heaven from our mortal sins.

In sum ALL sins wound the Divine Heart of God the Father, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; as well as the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Even venial sins which many of us tend to think of as ‘nothing.’ However all it takes to lose our Inheritance forever is to die with one unconfessed and unrepented mortal sin. And similarly contrary to what many of us like to believe, the reality is that we never know when death will overtake us. Things to both ponder and deeply remember in our hearts and minds especially in these days of ‘everything goes.’