Words from God the Father – 20

 “Love Me and console Me, I have need of your love in reparation for all the sins and wounds continually and mercilessly inflicted upon Me by the entire world. Console My Heart, consoled My anguished Divine Heart. That Heart of a Father Who begs His children to return but who do not want to return. Many of My children only want to continue blaspheming Me because this is what gives them ‘joy,’ the pleasure of My adversary, for in adoring him they lead better material lives. They are unaware that their souls are more important than their bodies and, that when their souls are lost, their bodies count as nothing. But My children do not want to hear, they do not want to listen, while others of My children consider that I do not exist. So console Me (…) I need your consolation because My Cup is heavily overflowing and I will soon let loose the entirety of its contents over the whole world.” (7/23/10b)