Words from God the Father – 21

“(…) My own Creation has turned against Me their God: their Creator, their Father, and their Savior. For My Son and I are One: I was crucified on the Cross with My Son in Spirit. I suffered every step of the way with My Son as He traversed His Sacrificial Pilgrimage on earth. I did this to Redeem My children, My children whom I love to folly. I sent My very own Self to Redeem all My children! Who on earth can exceed such Love?! But My children continue disregarding and denying this. They do not want to know Me, honor Me, love Me, adore Me, worship Me, venerate Me. They do not want to give Me what is due to Me by right: I call but My children do not heed My calls, My requests. My children do not want to bend their knees to Me, their Father and Creator, because My children’s hearts have become harder than stones. They only want to worship themselves because they think that everything comes from them. But they are not gods and soon – very soon – they will discover this and they will also know that they can never be gods. For I alone Am the Lord, I alone Am God Almighty, and only I Am the Almighty in eternity. Every pagan god shall be crushed, every idol will cease to exist for I will topple them all without Mercy. None will be left standing. I love you, have My Peace: the Peace of a Father whose Heart is filled with grief at the obstinacy of His children who do not want to return to their Father’s House through their Father’s Divine Heart. For I Am a Father with gravely rebellious children, the obduracy of which has reached unparalleled heights in the history of Creation. Soon the world will know that I exist, soon My children will know that I AM! Even those that deny Me. Denial will be no more, only willfulness should any of My children then choose to continue denying Me as the Lord their God.” (7/28/10)