Words from God the Father – 23

“(…) I Am the Light of the world. Without Me the world would be in complete darkness, it would not exist, for Life cannot exist without Light and Love (…) My Heart which is aggrieved beyond recognition at that great number of My children who do not want to return to Me their Father, their Creator, and their God. Many of My children have no desire to know Me their Father, despite My having created them, formed them, breathed into them their very own lives and souls.  Yet My love for My children knows no bounds: I will keep on calling all My children to return, until I implement the fullness of the end of time. Then they shall be no more because My Sanctity, My Holiness will permit no more errors in the world in order for Justice – Holy Justice – to ensue.”

“(…) I created everything for man so that he could partake of My Divine Life, yet man has rejected everything I have given him from the beginning. Man prefers Death to Life, he prefers to live in the darkness created and flaunted so openly by My adversary. Living without Me his God, his Father and Creator in life has become the hallmark of man’s existence on earth (…) how man should always be in My Presence: as a little child who is completely abandoned in the hands of his Father, with complete confidence and trust in My Love for him, My Goodness, and My Mercy (…) My Word shall never pass away.” (7/29/10b)