Words from God the Father – 24

“(…) I never chastise before I warn and this I have done multiple times. How many times have I spoken through My Son, My Daughter, and My prophets? And yet they have killed almost all of them. My Daughter continues to warn them to this day, begging them, pleading with them to return. Yet My children have refused to listen and continue to refuse to listen to My Word with all the hardness of their hearts. This despite My Witnesses’ ceaseless pleas. All I Am asking of My children – all I have ever asked – is that they acknowledge Me fully as the Lord their God. Their One and Only God, their True God, and that they keep My Commandments. That they adore Me with all sincerity from their hearts, that they worship no other gods but Me. That they have no idols and that they love each other as themselves. But My children persist relentlessly in refusing to listen to and follow My Word.”

“(…) What have I not done for My children because they are Mine! I created them, each and every one of them; I breathed Life into them. I held them all in My Mind from the beginning of time with plans for their salvation, each and every one of them. Without Me – without My Will and My Desire to share My Kingdom with My children – mankind would never have existed because I suffice unto Myself. But I created man in order to give Me pleasure and so that he too could revel in My Divine Pleasure, My Wisdom, and My Kingdom. I wanted to share My Goodness, My Beneficence with mankind. But man wanted to have pleasure outside My Will. He wanted to have everything for himself, he wanted to take everything, but was not willing to give Me worship and obedience in return. Thus My children leave Me no option but to chastise them fully in order that Justice may be served.”

“Yet I Am the God of Love. The God Who wants all His children to return, in order that I may spare them. Because they are My Creation, I made them with My own Hands. It pains My Divine Heart greatly to chastise My children for I Love all My children, especially the errant ones. Oh, what I would not do for a weak soul who truly repented from her sins! That is how much I love My children. I sent them My own Son to die for them in order that they could be Redeemed and rejoined with Me. Yet mankind has continued in his ways of folly. So chastise I must for Justice to be served otherwise innocent people, innocent souls will have died in vain (…) pray to Me, sincerely and honestly, from the depths of (your) hearts to My Divine Heart and I will avert many of the pains of the Chastisement that is going to ensue.”

“(…) When the time comes, they will pray to Me but I will not respond. They will cry out ‘Abba, Father, have mercy on us’ but I will not hear. I will let them suffer fully the consequences of their own decisions, the choices made out of their own free-will. Free-will with which I endowed them and which they have used and keep on using against Me, the Lord their God; their Creator and Eternal Life. They will know what it means to repel the Lord their God from their lives, their daily lives, should they choose not to return. For I Am and always will Be. Thus My children will learn what it means to deny the existence of the Lord their God. Their Creator, the Creator and Father of all mankind. But turn to Me now, pray and adore My Divine Heart, and I will relent the severity of the fullness of the Chastisement. Pray and adore Me, fall on your knees and worship My Divine Heart, and I will significantly decrease the pain and suffering of what is soon going to ensue (…) love Me; atone with your love for the coldness, hard-heartedness, and indifference of this world. This world that I have created with My own Hands but that does not want to know Me anymore. Love Me and adore Me for I Am the Lord your God, your Father, the Alpha and the Omega of your entire being.” (7/31/10)