Words from God the Father – 25

“I give My children gifts and they reject them. I give them gifts of grace that have never been previously manifested in the history of mankind and they reject them. I Am the Lord your God and I distribute My graces according to My Will. It is not up to you to decide who can receive My graces. I shower My graces upon the least of My Creation and I do this purposely. To shame the learned, the arrogant, and the wise: the fools in My Creation. Because all your gifts come from Me yet many of you have completely forgotten this. You have forgotten that it is I who have given you your statuses, your positions, and your places on earth. You believe that you have what you have directly and solely through your achievements. Know that You do not for you have only cooperated with My plan: a plan that was in My Mind since the beginning of time. For I Am the One who provides you with the talents, opportunities, and graces that you have. When you have them, know that you have them because of Me: My Goodness, My Beneficence, My Wisdom, and above all My Mercy. For none of you are deserving of any of My graces. Yet in My never-ending Mercy I shower My graces upon Creation so that mankind can know, adore, and worship the Goodness of My Divine Heart. Yet in your ceaseless pride, envy, jealousy, arrogance, and greed you prefer to believe that what you have is due to yourselves.”

“Know, therefore, that I Am the Lord your God and will always Be the Lord your God! I do not need your learning, your pride, your so-called wisdom, your futile arrogance, and all your rationalistic doctrines in order for Me to Be! I do not bend to you, you bend to Me because I Am and will always Be for all eternity. For I Am God, I Am the only One, and I AM the Lord your God! Know that you owe everything that you have to Me and none other but Me! So give Me thanks and give Me praise for they are My due. Bend your knee before My Majesty. Do not attempt to rise above others, do not attempt to belittle and despise the handiwork of My Creation. For in My Mercy I shower graces abundantly, without end. Yet in My Justice I will come with the most abundant thunder and fire. Like that you will know beyond doubt that I AM the Lord your God and that worship is due to Me and Me alone! None of you will survive My Justice unless you become the littlest of My Creation.” (8/5/10)