Words from God the Father – 5

“(…) For My children do not consider that I too have a Heart even though I Am Father and that My Heart is a Wounded Heart similarly to that of My Son. A Heart wounded with sorrow at the distance of My children from Me, the neglect of My children of Me, and the blasphemy of My children toward Me. I love My children, ALL of My children, with the love of a Father: that of Eternal Father. Yet My children do not want to know Me, do not want to love Me, do not want to worship Me. They worship everyone but Me, they worship everything but Me. Even though I created them and gave them what they have. They still do not want Me, do not want to know Me, and want to eradicate Me completely from the face of My Creation. Creation is Mine! They have forgotten that without Me they would not exist. Without Me they would be nothing, without Me they would have nothing. For My children have forgotten that I Am the Father of all mankind, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End of all things. They are trying to ape Me and it shall not be! Love Me, adore Me, worship Me! Console My Wounded Heart, My grieviously Wounded Heart, by loving My Divine Heart with all of your heart. Love Me, adore Me, worship Me. Console My Grieving Heart! My Heart is the Heart of a Father Who loves ALL His children with Infinite Love. Many of My children do not want to return to Me their Father, their One and Only Father, their True Father, their Eternal and Heavenly Father; despite My immense desire for them all to return!” (6/19/10b)