Words from God the Father – 9

“You are My children, you are all My children. Yet some of You do not want to return, some of You do not want to listen. Know that I Am your Father: whether you want to return or not, I Am and will always be your Father! But I Am the Father you do not know, because you do not want to know anyone but yourselves. Love Me for I Am your Father. Worship Me, adore Me, venerate Me. Give Me praise and give Me thanks for I Am your Father, I created you from nothing! Yet you do not want to worship Me, you do not want to thank Me, you do not want to venerate Me. You only want to venerate yourselves. You blaspheme Me, you curse Me, you slander Me, and you hate Me. Why do you hate Me so much? What have I done to you? When I have done nothing but save you, Redeem you, love you, and nurture you! Is this how you repay Me, the Lord your God Who sent My Only-Begotten Son to die on the Cross for you? Your one and only God, your one and only True God? I have raised you from the dead, for dead you were and to death you shall return. However, you do not need to die: your souls do not need to die. Because I sent My Son to Redeem you, so that you could return to Me, your Father in Heaven.”

“Do you want to live, My children? Come to Me and I will give you Life. Do you want to be happy? Come to Me and I will give you Happiness. Do you want to experience peace? Come to Me and I will give you Peace: My Peace! A Peace you will never experience from man on earth. Above all do you want to be loved? Come, come to Me, and I will give you Love. For I Am the Lord your God: the Lord God of Life, Happiness, Peace, Joy, and Love. Not the joy and peace of mankind which can never be obtained. But the Joy and Peace of the Lord your God Who Is your Creator, your Redeemer, and your Sanctifier. Come, come to Me, and I will give you Peace. Come and I will give you Love: the Love and Peace you so lack. Come, My children, come and I will give you Joy: the Joy that is so missing in the world.”

“Do not delay, My children, come; come to Me. Why do you not come, My children, when I want to give you so many things; when I love you with such Infinite Love and Tenderness? Why do you stay away? I desire to make My home in you, to be with you and among you. To live with you in a similar, albeit not identical, manner that I originally lived with My children the Israelites. But you keep on rejecting Me, you keep on refusing Me, and you keep on refuting Me. Why do you keep on doing this, My children, when I Am the Lord your God? I Am your Creator, My children, the Alpha and the Omega. Do not reject Me and refute Me any more, for in rejecting Me and refuting Me you will die for eternity. Because I Am your Salvation, I Am your One and Only Salvation! Nothing and no one else can save you. Unless you return to Me, you will not live; without Me you shall die. Return, My children, return; return before it is too late. I love you with Infinite Love. I love you with the love of a Father Who has undying Love for all His children.” (7/3/10b)