Words from God the Father – Cenacles to the Divine Heart

“(…) I want you to have cenacles of My Most Divine Heart (…) take up the Consecration in order that I might truly dwell with My children in a new and unheard-of fashion. In your cenacles, I will refresh your hearts and provide you with all of the graces you will need to live habitually in My Divine Will. I WILL dwell with, amongst, and most especially IN you, My children. This WILL be the New Jerusalem come down from Heaven, when I dwell in all of My children and Creation returns completely to My Divine Will. It is a union of wills that I desire (…) I will lead you just as I led My children the Israelites out of slavery, through the desert of this world to the Promised Land, the New Jerusalem. This will mark the beginning of My Glorious Coming.” (6/2/10)

Note: See Cenacles page for full information and prayer format.