Words from God the Father – Consecration Prayer

“It will bring Me great homage in adoration and worship, all who venerate this image (the icon) will be Sealed with My Fatherly Seal. They will venerate the image by reciting the prayer in its presence. They will still be Sealed with My Seal even if they venerate My holy picture because it is the Seal of My Covenant with humanity in, through, and with the Precious Blood of My Son Jesus Christ.”

“Any child of Mine who prays this (consecration) prayer with a sincere heart WILL be Sealed with My Fatherly Seal. That means they will be immune to the attacks of Satan during the Chastisement. This is My FINAL plea to humanity before the era of My Justice commences!” (6/14/10)

Note: See consecration, icon, and Seal pages for full information.