Words from God the Son – 1

“(…) Love Me, so few people love Me and yet I died on the Cross for ALL to Redeem them, in order that they could return to My Father in Heaven. I re-opened the gates of Heaven for them which had been closed through the sin of Adam. Yet all My people do is deny Me, curse Me, reject Me and My Sacrifice; blaspheme Me (…) Love Me. So few people love Me, they have forgotten that I died on the Cross for them. My Holy Death has become a joke for them, a sport; something to ridicule, mock, and laugh at: they re-open My Wounds and re-crucify Me every time they do this. I Love you (…) I died on the Cross for you: console Me, console My Bleeding Heart. Show Me love, the love that My people do not show Me (…) so many have forgotten that I AM, that I have given My Life for them and for the world, to Redeem them and the whole world from sin! Love Me (…) love Me. Atone for the sins of the world (…) Heal My Wounds in order that the Kingdom of My Father can come fully on earth, so that Peace and Love can reign anew (…) I AM, I Am truly alive!” (7/5/10)