Words from God the Father – 26

“The beauty you are seeing was created for mankind to enjoy and pleasure himself with. But mankind never learned to see creation from My Eyes because he has always strived to live externally to My Will (…) My Creation will return to being as it was before the fall of man. Its glory and splendor will return (…) My love for mankind knows no bounds, yet mankind is intent on destroying himself. He seeks pleasure in avenues that are not of Me or from Me: he seeks pleasure in all the avenues controlled and manipulated by My adversary. Because My adversary is more attractive to him than I Am, he appeals to mankind’s ego whereas I appeal to man’s need to suffer and repair. So mankind chooses the easy way out and freely selects My adversary over Me, even though I created mankind. My own children do not want to know Me, love Me, adore Me, and worship Me. I suffered for them on the Cross through My Son – for My Son and I are One – and yet they discard My Redemptive work.” (8/6/10)