Words from God the Father – 27

“My creation has abandoned Me. They do not want to know Me and they do not want to love Me. Their hearts have become like stones. I gave My children everything and they rejected Me. I created them and they denied Me. I plead with them daily to return and they ignore Me. My creation, My children have no room in their hearts any longer for Me their God, their Lover, and their Liberator. For I Am the one Who gives My children freedom. No one else but Me can provide true freedom, peace, love, life, joy, and happiness. No matter how much they desire it and seek it, My children will not find it other than in Myself: My Goodness and My Benevolence. For I Am Peace and I Am Love, I Am Freedom and I Am Joy. I Am Life and I Am Love. No one can exist externally to My Will and claim that he has peace, joy, freedom, love, life, and happiness. So return to Me, My children, and claim your rightful Inheritance. That Inheritance that I have given you through the Redemption of My Son for your sakes. Return and claim what is yours. For in Me you will find Peace, in Me you will find Joy for eternity. Do not attempt to seek these things in the world for you will not find them. Seek them in Me, the Lord your God, for I Am the true Peace, Joy, Love, and Life of the world.” (8/7/10)