Words from God the Father – 28

“(…) I want all My children to know how much I love them. They have gone astray and I want them back (…) without Me, they have no life. Without Me, they shall not live. Only within Me, for Me, through Me, and with Me will they find Life and Love. For I Am the Light of the world. Without Me, the world lives in darkness: the darkness of the end times. For, without Me, there is no world and no earth; only putrefaction that needs to be cleansed and purified (…) I want them back. I want them back in My Divine Will where I can hold them safely until My Son returns on earth. For, without Me, none will survive. Without Me, none shall live (…) return to Me by worshipping My Divine Heart: that Heart of a Father Who chases His children to the ends of the earth, in order to keep them safe. Do not deny your Father this plea: it is the plea of a Father Who loves you with Infinite Love. Come back to Me, My children, come back before the end of time arrives. Otherwise you shall not live, you will not survive.”

“The storm that is to come shall not be weathered without living within Me, for Me, through Me, and with Me. For everything will end, everything will be destroyed. I have decreed it to happen in this manner because mankind has consistently refused to listen to Me. Repeatedly have I come through My Witnesses and you did not heed them. Repeatedly have I sent you prophet after prophet, even in this era of indifference, and you paid no attention to them. I have had patience with you, O Creation, but you do not want to listen. Your obduracy is endless. Know this, then, so that you shall not say ‘I did not know’ when the time arrives: without Me, you will not live. Without Me, you will die. Because, soon, nothing that is external to My Will shall be left standing on the face of the earth. I will destroy all iniquity, I will destroy all idols of shame and greed. For I Am the Lord your God and only Myself will you worship.”

“The love of My Life is My Creation. Yet My Creation is intent on obliterating Me, your God, from the face of the earth. This shall not be, this will not happen. Indeed, it will not occur. Because when you think you have won by killing off all My Witnesses, My faithful; you will find Me, the Lord your God, face to face with you. And I will ask you to give Me a full rendering of your actions. What are you going to then, O Creation, if you have not been living in Me? What are you going to do when you see My Son in front of your face? For My Son is on His way back to earth yet still you do not believe.”

“The earth will rock and will shake from its very foundations. But you will have no place to hide, you will be unable to flee. For My Ire will reach into every place on the face of the earth. Come back to Me, your Father, before the final time arrives. I will gather you all – all those of you who wish to return – into My Divine Heart just like a shepherd gathers up all his lambs to safeguard them from the storms. If you return you will be safe in your Father’s Heart when the time arrives. But remain externally to My Will and you shall all be destroyed. For nothing that does not belong to Me will survive the upcoming purification of the earth from all the iniquities that have been committed by mankind. O Creation, you should have listened to Me. You would have been spared so much suffering and sorrow. But your pride led you astray, right into the arms of My adversary.” (8/8/10)