Words from God the Father – 29

“I want everyone to know how much I love them and desire them to return to Me, their Eternal and Loving Father Who created them and gave them Life (…) My children do not want to listen to Me. I anguish over them, I grieve deeply over them. Yet My children – many of My children – have denied Me. They do not want Me to be their Father despite My having created them. Why did I create you, O man, if not to give Me pleasure and glory? I could have chosen not to create you and yet I did. Because, initially, after I had created you, you were pleasing in My eyes. Then My adversary – that murderer of all mankind since the very beginning of time – attempted to snatch you away from Me. He polluted your hearts and minds with his deceit, his lies, and his temptations, making you believe that you preferred to seek his teachings rather than Mine. Yet I never gave up begging you to return to Me, O My children. Yes, I Am a beggar in your regard. I, the Lord your God, the Alpha and Omega of all mankind, your Infinite Master and Creator, Am begging you to return to Me. For you are My own and I desire you to freely choose to become once again fully My own. I love you, My children, return to Me so that I can envelope you all in My Divine Heart. Then the fate of My enemy will be sealed and Peace – My Peace – will come on earth. The renewal of the earth is at hand so do not delay. Come, return to Me, and I will give you My Eternal Peace.”

“I want the whole world to adore Me because I deserve adoration as the Lord your God. I desire every one of My children to worship and venerate Me through My Divine Heart. Because My Mercy is great but My Justice is greater. And whosoever does not enter into My Divine Will shall taste the fullness of the fury of My Justice (…) My Love for My children knows no bounds, it is Infinite. That is why I Am giving them the Devotion to My Divine Heart. Propagate it, disseminate it. Let everyone know about the Infinite Love of My Divine Heart toward My children. Especially those of My children who are wayward, errant, disobedient, and  hard-hearted. Those stone-cold children of Mine who do not want to know Me, their Father, any more (…) The beauty of Love is that it cannot be seen but it can be felt. This is how I operate in the world of mankind. This world of faithlessness that asks for signs because it does not believe any more.” (8/9/10)