Words from God the Father – 31

“This Creation of Mine has become cold: it bears an attitude of indifference and pride toward Me, a heart of stone – the hallmarks of My enemy. No longer does My Creation consider Me its Father and its Creator. In the old days, My children still thought of Me as their Father and their God despite rebelling against My Holy Will. No one, no creature on earth, denied the very Presence of My Existence, not even those who worshipped other gods (…) Instead these days My children – many of My children – refuse to believe that I Am. They openly and brazenly deny My Presence in the Tabernacle through My Son, My Presence through the Providence I shower them with out of the Goodness of My Divine Heart, and the very Essence of My Being as Supreme: the Creator, the Almighty, and the Infinity of Heaven and earth. My children prefer their fancy ways and rationalistic doctrines yet, in these, I do not exist: because in and through such doctrines I Am obliterated from the face of the earth. For many of My children, I Am no longer Supreme, I am simply a myth. I am no longer regarded as the Almighty Father, despite being the Creator of all mankind. This grievously wounds My Divine Heart. For it is the Heart of a Father Who loves all His children with Merciful Tenderness despite all their rebelliousness and oblivion to My Existence, My Love for them is unending.”

“(…) My grief at the loss of so many of the souls of My children is unfathomable. No one can understand what it is like for Me, their Father and their God, to see My children – so many of My own children – headed to eternal perdition. Despite My ceaseless calls for them to return. My children continue wandering astray from My Precepts and My Will, in which is embedded the essence of all My desires for My children. I call all My children yet they continue to refuse to return to Me, their Father. I plead with them, I beg them. I send them witnesses upon witnesses. I show Infinite Love, that Endless Merciful Love that I have for them in My Divine Heart – a Heart that is open for all men to enter into, when they repent sincerely and honestly from their hearts. But My children continue to deny My Presence and My Love with their rationalistic doctrines and false wisdom, all of which are the fruits of My adversary. Satan does not want to see you, My children, return to Me, your Father Who Loves you with such Love: a Love you cannot fathom. He does not want you to return to Me: your Father, your Creator, and Consoler. I have repeatedly warned you to take no note of his attempts to separate you from Me but you have refused to heed My warnings. You have left Me no choice but to return to you with the fullness of My Justice. For in tasting the bitterness of My cup of Justice you will realize, O wayward Creation, that I Am the Lord your God and that I Am in eternity the Lord your God! Only in experiencing My Wrath will you acknowledge My Infinity and Omnipotence. Only in experiencing My Justice will you finally realize Who I Am. Return, O Creation of Mine, before it is too late. Because when the fullness of My Justice commences, you will call but I will not listen. You will cry to Me, but I will not respond and you will plead with Me, but I will not hear and this so that you will finally know My Grandeur, My Splendor, and My Eternal Majesty. That is that I Am, have Been, and will always Be for eternity the Lord your Almighty God, your One True and Only God.” (8/13/10)