Words from God the Father – 32

“I desire My children to worship Me. Only worship, veneration, and adoration from the heart – true love – can console and alleviate the sorrows of My wounded Divine Heart. I Am the Lord your God yet you worship everything and everyone but Me. I created you and you neglected Me. You abandoned Me despite My Love for you. I love you with Infinite Love and yet you continue to spurn My Love: the love of your God for His child. Return to Me, My children, return. All of you, return! Come into My Divine Heart and reside in My Will before it is too late.”

“(…) I desire them all to worship Me, venerate Me, praise Me, adore Me, and love Me from their hearts. I created them to glorify Me and to Myself I desire them to return (…) I wish to keep them safe in My Divine Heart for only in My Heart, which is also My Will, can My children not fall prey to the wiles of My adversary. For My adversary is on a rampage which is only going to increase the more My Light shines in the world. Only in My Divine Heart will My children be safe from the snares he is now laying to entrap them and that will lead their souls into eternal perdition (…) I want them back. I want them all back, not one of them do I want to lose! (…) I Am pleading with My children to RETURN. Come into your Father’s Divine Heart: that Heart of a Father Who loves you with Infinite Love.” (8/16/10)