Words from God the Father – 33

“The world does not want to know Me despite My desire to encompass it all in My Heart. I give them gifts and they refuse them. I inspire them with My graces and they disregard the graces that I give them. How long will I put up with you, O faithless world, how long? You have taken and taken from Me yet rarely have you given Me anything in return. You ask for and want things endlessly yet rarely have you acknowledged the true origin of your gifts. How am I to be known if you do not make Me known? How am I to be adored and worshipped if you do not follow My desires? I have desired to be known, loved, adored, and worshipped as your Creator and your God – your One and Only True God – since the beginning of time; since I created you, O man. But you have repeatedly selected to follow My adversary instead of Me. Everything you do, even though you do it well, is tainted with the foul odor of the world because purity, honesty, and sincerity are lacking in your hearts and minds. Your hearts are very far away from Me, your Father and your Creator. Veneration to Me, your Father, does not exist even though I conceived you; I brought you into being. Where am I in your life, O man? Where am I in your heart? I desire to be known, worshipped, and loved by all of My children. As I had desired to be known, worshipped, and loved by My children of old, the Israelites. Yet My children – many of My children, all of whom I have created out of the Goodness of My Divine Heart – have preferred to pay attention to the power and money given to them by My adversary, rather than to pay Me homage, worship, and veneration. So tell Me, O man, how can I accept your gifts – the gifts that you may wish to give Me – if you do not give them truly to Me, with sincerity from the depths of your heart? You have been blinded by My adversary, you have been trapped by his snares.”

“Children, My children, for that is who you are: My children for it is I Who have created you. Listen to your Heavenly Father. Listen to My Heart’s desires for I desire only your welfare, the welfare of your souls. Come back, return to Me, before it is too late. For soon I shall return and by then you will no longer be able to amend your ways for My adversary, who is also your adversary – the adversary of your souls – will prevent you even through the use of force from returning to Me. If you are not marked by Me, you will be marked by him. So My children come to Me, your Father, while you still can, in order that I may hold you safely in My Divine Heart. Come and become My Property instead of the property of My adversary. Come and belong to Me the Lord your God; your Creator, your Redeemer, and your Sanctifier. Enter into the Ark of My Divine Heart before it is too late, so that I can carry you safely through the trials and tribulations that are about to occur.” (8/18/10)