Words from God the Father – 35

“My children have lost all sense of sin. That which they think is good is mortal sin and that which they think is bad is pleasing in My Eyes. My adversary has managed to confuse them, distorting the Truth with his false doctrines. They listen to him and fall into traps that ensnare their souls unless they become enlightened through My Grace, for My graces have the power to enlighten everyone. Yet, for My graces to take effect, they have to be accepted rather than rejected and rejected they are in abundance by My children. Hence many of My children’s souls are being lost for eternity.”

“O Creation of Mine, if only you could see what I see. If only you could perceive what I perceive from My position as Creator of the world. You would be down on your knees worshipping Me, asking Me for forgiveness, to shower you with My graces in order to retrieve your sense of sin that you have lost. But you prefer to wallow in your ignorance for in and through your ignorance, your wisdom which is false wisdom, you believe that you have found your freedom. You believe that you have found your liberty. For that is what My adversary would have you believe and you have taken it fully to heart. Rather than follow My Teachings which have been given you by My Son. Come back to Me, O mankind, return to Me your Father, in and through the Cross of My Son Who died to redeem you in My Eyes. Repent and return to Me before it is too late. Because if you do not return, you will be lost for eternity.” (8/22/10)