Words from God the Father – 37

“My children do not regard Life as coming from Me any longer. My children have forgotten that it is to Me that they owe their lives. They tinker with life, kill My children, and attempt to alter the very nature of the order and structure of My Creation. How long shall I put up with you, O faithless man? You have attempted to create life. You kill My little ones daily. You have similarly started killing My older ones too, under the rationalizations of progress and care. What would you like Me to do with you, O faithless man, mete out Justice to you in the same manner as you mete it out to My defenseless children? Or would you prefer Me to show you mercy so that you can keep on killing My children? Where in your heart is repentance? I have warned you repeatedly yet you have failed to listen. You deride those of My children who attempt to stop you in your ruthless endeavors. What would you like Me to do with you, O man, who has become corrupt to the core? Worshipping slavishly My enemy in preference to Me, the Lord your God Who brought you into being. I Am tired of you. I Am tired of your faithless promises which have always come to nought. I Am tired of your endless rationalizations, all of which serve to glorify My enemy. Why should I listen to you any longer, O man, when you have consistently failed to heed the warnings of My prophets? I sent you My prophets and you killed them. I sent you My Son and Daughter: you blaspheme them – and Me – to this very day. Indeed, the level of your hatred for Us is increasing with every day that goes by. Instead of worshipping Us, you blaspheme Us incessantly. Is this the manner in which you expect Us to respond to your pleas?”

“So tell Me, O faithless man, why should I listen to you any longer rather than let you reap the fruits of what you have sown? Why should I listen to your moanings any longer, when you continue to ruthlessly refuse to acknowledge Me as your Father, your Creator; the Almighty Lord Who Is your God? My children keep on expecting My assistance, My grace, even while blaspheming Me through My Son and Daughter. They continue refusing to return to Me, their Father and Creator. What do you want from Me, O man? You want Providence? Return to Me! You want grace? Return to Me! Acknowledge your errors and repent, return to Me, and you shall find Life. You are My children despite your ceaseless desires to belong to My enemy, My adversary. Return to Me and I will give you Life. Return to Me and I shall give you Love – the Love and Peace you so desire but that you will not find externally to My Will. Return, O man, repent sincerely from your heart and you will be forgiven. I will gather you up in My Arms and enclose you deeply within My Divine Heart. Remain obstinately on the path you have selected to pursue your life and you will face My Justice. For nothing shall exist outside of My Will. Soon the purification of the earth will be at hand and it will be too late for you to decide your eternal life. So return. Return to Me your Father, before I withdraw all My graces from the world.” (8/25/10)