Words from God the Father – 38

“Love is missing from the hearts of My children. They listen to themselves instead of listening to Me. Love is not present any longer in the lives of My children. I plead with them, I beg them, and yet they refuse to listen to My pleas. How many times have I warned you, O My children, of what is to come? How many times have I told you to pay heed to Me, Your Father and your God? Yet you refuse to listen, you refuse to comply with My Word. For My Word is the Word of eternity, of salvation, and yet you do not wish to be saved; you wish to be lost. Because you prefer the empty words and promises of My adversary to My Eternal Word. Who created you? Who made you who you are? You have forgotten that you owe everything to Me, your Eternal Father Who sent His only-begotten Son to redeem you from your sin. You still seek My adversary: his compliments, his pleasure, his power and attention. You feel important when My adversary speaks to you in his various subtle ways. But you set aside My calls for your repentance. Where are you, children of Mine? What have you done to your hearts? Why have you let them become soaked and steeped in the mires of My adversary? I want you back! You are My children and I desire you to return. Return to Me your Lord, your Father, and your God. Do not delay, do not hesitate any longer. Return, return.” (8/31/10)