Words from God the Father – 41

“The world has forgotten that it cannot live without My Love for it is My Love that sustains and gives the world its life. My Love has been discarded, trampled on, rejected, and blasphemed. Treated as though it was of no use. How can the world live without My Love when I Am Light? The world thinks it can create Light and Love out of its own doing, through its own devices, yet it continually fails for only My Love can give it Light. Nothing else and no one else!”

“My world does not want Me, does not desire to worship Me, its God and its Creator. I desire to live in the hearts of all My children and yet My children prefer living in darkness, the darkness of My enemy. How can you see when you are in the dark, being trampled on and trampling on others in return? Is this what you call life, is this what you call pleasure? I desire to give you Life and Love in order that you may truly live. What do you desire, O Creation of Mine: Life, Love, Joy, and Happiness for all eternity or the eternal embrace of the wicked one?”

“My embrace is soft and My touch is sweet and yet you prefer the stench of death. The desire of My enemy to destroy you completely is fast becoming a reality. Is this what you want for yourselves, O children of Mine, or do you wish to return to the ever-present awaiting embrace of Your Father who so desires you to come Home? That Home that has been prepared for you from all eternity, that is from the very beginning of time? I love you, My children, I love you. Do not allow the wicked one to steal away your souls which are eternal. Do not give yourselves away to him. Return to Me Who Am Love, return to Me Who Am Light, return to Me Who Am your Father for eternity.” (9/7/10)