Words from God the Father – 42

“(…) My children do not know what is coming their way. That is why they procrastinate and make all sorts of excuses in order not to return to Me, their Father. If they knew, many of them would be on their knees begging for My forgiveness, begging Me to return. But My children do not want to listen because they prefer listening to themselves. Their hearts have become hearts of stone, their minds full of filth; their pleasures are derived from the wiles of My adversary. When are you going to learn, O creation, that My Word is Law? When will you realize that nothing you do counts before My eyes unless you do it with the intent of purity of heart? You have insulted and blasphemed Me, the Lord your God. You have mocked and continue to mock and blaspheme My Divine Family. You have attempted and are still attempting to ruin My Holy Church that is My Son’s Body, and you expect Me not to manifest My Wrath and My Justice toward you, O faithless generation? When will you learn from your multitude of errors and return to Me repentant, seeking My forgiveness, with genuineness of heart? When will you give up the seeds of ruin that you presently have in your hearts? I Am the Lord your God, I Am the Only One, I Am the Almighty. Take heed, O creation, of My words before it is too late. For when My grace ends many of you will find yourselves unable to return (…) I love them and desire them to all return back to Me their Father (…) My Heart pines with longing for their return.” (9/9/10)