Words from God the Father – 44

“What kind of a Father would I be if I did not take care of My children? I Am their Father and they are My children. All I ask is that My children return to Me their Father and love Me as their True Father. I will take care of all their needs as I did with My children the Israelites. Did I not feed them abundantly for years when they were hungry in the desert and had nothing to eat? Did I not provide them with water from a rock when they had none? Did I not protect them in every way during their exodus from slavery? Similarly will I take care of My children who return to live in My bosom, especially those children of Mine who return of their own free will to live in My Divine Heart and Will. This is not to say that others are not My children too, for every person living on earth is a child of Mine because I have created him from the very moment of his conception. But I have a particular fondness for those children of Mine who willingly and voluntarily come to live in My Divine Heart, because they acknowledge Me as their Father and in recompense I shower them with all the graces they need as children of My Divine Heart. That Heart who loves all My children with Infinite Love but that so many of My children do not desire to know, love, worship, and adore as the Heart of their One True Father; their Only Father, and their One and Only True Living God.” 

“Why do I desire youto return? I desire you to return to Me, your Father, in order to keep you safe from the tribulations that are to come. Because without Me and My Son, you will not survive the tribulations, you will become fodder for the enemy. For he desires to take over all your souls in revenge for My having cast him out of My Kingdom: that Kingdom to which he originally belonged but that he lost as a direct consequence of his unrepented pride – the key sin of My adversary and the sin of so many of My children today. Even though they do not acknowledge it, do not recognize it, and do not repent from it, hence do not confess it. My children continue laboring under the illusion that all is well between themselves and Myself, when they are drowning in a sea of pride, filth, and sin. How can I leave My children to drown? How can I not intervene? What kind of a Father would I be if I did not intervene drastically in order to save My children’s souls? (…) Return to Me, (…) return to live within the confines of My Divine Heart and Will otherwise (you) will not survive.” (9/11/10)