Words from God the Father – 45

“Love, true love, is what is missing from this world, in order for it to return to the natural order. But My children do not want My Love. They prefer instead to seek despair and the ruin of their souls. My Love for them is unending, it is undying. No one who prays to Me with sincerity of heart will be cast aside in the coming days of tribulation (…) I desire all My children to return to My Divine Heart (…) I Am their Father Who awaits them with Love.” 

“I want all My children to pray to Me. I want all My children to seek My forgiveness for all that they have done. Like that they will be able to return to live within My Divine Will (…) Reconcile (yourselves) with Me (…) make use of My Sacrament which I have given (…) through the Precious Blood of My Son. Pray to Me from your hearts and I will forgive you, I will take you deeply into My Fatherly Heart. Remain obstinate in your ways and you will experience the fullness of My Divine Justice.” (9/14/10)