Words from God the Father – 47

“Love! Love is missing from the world. My children say that they have peace yet they have no Peace. They say that they have love yet they have no Love for they have marginalized Me their God. How can peace and love exist without Me Who Am Peace and Love? How can My children be renewed in Me and for Me, if their hearts are closed to Me, their Father and Creator, and to their Redeemer My Son? My children do not know Me any longer, do not love Me any longer, and do not adore Me any longer in and through My Son’s Perpetual Sacrifice. For their hearts have become hardened and they have closed their ears and their eyes in order to attend to the world. What would I not do for these children of Mine in order to regain them back into My Heart? That Heart so full of tender Mercy and Love, the Infinity of which can never be compared to the mercy and love of mankind. So why are you rejecting Me, My children, when I desire you to return? Why are you intent on remaining so stubborn of heart when it is your Father, your Eternal Father, Who Is calling you to His Divine Heart? My Heart is open for you all as long as you return to Me with a sincere heart, that is with hearts of honesty and sincerity in your repentance. For in sincerity and honesty is goodwill to be found, as in Truth is to be found fidelity.”“The return of all My children into My bosom will mean a change for the whole world. For in their return, My Will shall start being enacted on earth. But some will not return. Some will remain rebellious and for this My Justice must ensue. How many of you will return, therefore, in order not to drink the Cup of My Justice? How many of you will return to Me not out of love for Me, your Father – your One, True, and Only Father – but out of fear? I Am a God of Mercy but I Am also a God of Justice who cannot remain silent in the face of the extreme loss of His creation: that is, the souls of His very own children. Why should I be silent when I Love you, O creation of Mine? Come back to Me, My children, come back before it is too late! Return into your Father’s tender embrace so that you will be safe before the fullness of My Justice arrives in its entirety on earth. For when this occurs you will have nothing left except My Mercy to save you, but by then you will be unable to perceive My grace sufficiently in order to return.”  (9/18/10)