Words from God the Father – 48

“My love is eternal and it is freely available for all My children. However in order to experience My love fully, My children need to return to Me. How many times have I asked this of you? How many messengers have I sent you, repeating the message of return to Me your Father and Creator? You do not listen and yet you want My assistance, My graces. You continue in your stubborn ways and expect Me, your God, to approve them. How many times and in how many different ways have I asked and pleaded for your return? I love you because you are My children. I will always love you. But you are unaware of what lies ahead. This is why you need to return to Me now, before it is too late, for you do not know what lies in store. The enemy is ready to pounce on your souls, to take over your souls for all eternity. Is this what you wish? Do you wish to be his companions for all time? Only I can save you, no one else. Only I your God: that is your Creator, your Redeemer, and your Sanctifier – your God in His Trinitarian Fullness. Do you wish to spend eternity with Me, in joy and in happiness, or with the enemy? Do you wish to be tortured and condemned for all eternity? The choice is yours, children of Mine; that is why I gave you free-will. Use it and use it well for the time is ripe.”

“Only after your death will you be able to comprehend the immensity of what I Am saying. For now you have to take things on faith but that is what you lack: faith. Which is the be-all and end-all of My existence for I Am and always shall Be. But without faith you cannot comprehend this, with your rationalistic minds and false doctrines. Attempting to comprehend Me your God through your endless rationalizations is futile. Only through the eyes of faith will you be able to see Me, live in Me, and comprehend My ways. Only through the eyes of faith will you be able to save your souls. So think well, My children, and then decide with whom you will stand for the time is ripe. Only in Me, your God, will you find eternal happiness.”  

“(…) Adore Me for I desire worship and veneration. I will tolerate the earthly idols of no man for I Am the Lord, I Am the One and Only, the Alpha and the Omega of all mankind. Only in Me, through Me, and with Me will man ever find Peace. Only in Me, through Me, and with Me will man ever find everlasting Happiness. As I adore you and glorify you in My creation, that is My handiwork, so have I created you to adore Me and glorify Me in return. Therefore venerate Me the Lord your God as your Creator and your Father. Worship Me as the Lord who gave you the breath of Life. Give Me My due for I AM the Lord your God and only your God shall you venerate and worship with the entirety of your being (…) I desire to be loved, honored, worshipped, and venerated by all My children.” (9/22/10)