Words from God the Father – 49

“My love for My children is undying but My children are dying. The souls of My children are being lost daily. This causes profound sorrow to My Divine Heart because I gave Myself for them in the person of My Son, in order that they could be saved and reunited with Me. How many are going to bring My lost children back to Me, their Eternal Father? How many of you are going to fight in order to regain control of the territory taken over by Satan, My adversary since the beginning of time? My souls are Mine: I created them and I want them. I desire them ALL to return, each and every one of them. Without fear, without reprimand; held in Love and Eternal Mercy. Who is going to bring them back? Who is going to bring Me the lost sheep of My fold, that fold of Mine that I created and generated but that has been ravaged by My adversary? Why are you afraid, O children of Mine, to bring Me back your brothers and sisters? Why are you afraid? Are they not your brethren? Are they not My children too like yourselves? Bring them back to Me, alleviate the sorrow in My Divine Heart at seeing so many of My poor children’s souls lost forever to the adversary. Like that you will have your glory in Heaven and My children’s souls will be safe once again with Me their Father, their Eternal Father, their Creator and their God.”  (9/29/10)