Words from God the Father – 50

“The love of the world has grown cold, no longer does it desire Me or seek Me. I have given it everything. Yet it has rejected Me and continues to reject Me: in My Son, My Spirit, and Myself. How long shall I put up with you, O faithless people, how long? I have given you Life and you have rejected it, I have given you hope and you have rejected it. I have given you Love and you have rejected it too. What do you want from Me, O My people, when you do not wish to co-operate with My plan, you want everything on your terms? Taking but not giving, asking but not returning, setting everything aside to worship everyone but Me. Is this the life you want, children of Mine, is this the future that you desire? For it will be the future you shall have, should you desire it to be so, but it will be the road to your eternal perdition. The choice is yours, I have given you free will.” (10/1/10)