Words from God the Father and the Son – 1

“Our Hearts are wounded by your obstinacy, O faithless generation, and yet you keep on persisting in not heeding Our warnings, Our pleadings. When are you going to return to Us, O man of no faith? When are you going to listen to the words of Mercy of your Father and your Savior? We love you: We offered Ourselves for you, but you continue to disregard Our pleadings. You pay no heed to Us. We desire to hold you in Our Hearts, to embrace you in Our Will which is One, yet you do not wish to return. Who created you, O man? Who gave you life, food, and shelter? Who gave you what you needed? We love you and will keep on loving you until the day you die. But the time has been shortened. Return to Our Hearts before it is too late.” (9/6/10c)