The cradle of Infinite Love and Joy

Living ongoingly in the Divine Heart of God the Father is to live in a sweet cradle of Infinite Love while still on earth. An indissoluble union of adoration, love, joy and bliss, while in the midst of the suffering of our toil. In fact, in our Father’s Divine Heart we find sorely-needed respite and refreshment, drinking in the restoration of Life within us, from the Core of His Divine Heart. We experience God our Father holding us, consoling us, loving us and helping us, fulfilling the deepest need of our souls; giving us true hope, peace, love and joy, when we feel we need them the most. But for us to receive and experience the fullness of these gifts, we cannot simply remain distant and gripe, as most of us tend to do. We necessarily need to both turn to and call upon God the first Person as Father, with sincere intent in our hearts. This is the only thing that our Almighty Father is waiting for, from us, to rapidly come to our side. He will not come before we humbly ask Him to, because He respects us. He does not stampede on our choices, made through the use of our own free will.

Living in and with our Father is simple to achieve, as He intensely desires union with us; with every one of His children. We need only decide to accept Him fully, with true genuineness in our hearts, for our Father to descend spiritually to us, in all the splendor of His Glory. For when we speak intimately, simply and openly with God our Father, He listens attentively and instantly envelops us in the delightful cocoon of His love, providing us with everything we need; even though this does not mean that we will also get everything we want.

These days many of us like to think of ourselves as independent, strong and assertive human beings. However, in doing so, we forget that we cannot be independent either with God or from God, if we truly desire success in our lives, for such independence only distances us considerably from our Father, since in reality we are never independent from our Creator, no matter how much we would like to think so. We would also be replicating the sin of pride that both was and remains the prime sin of Satan. Let us, therefore, not allow our vainglorious ‘strength’ make us willfully lose out on all the help and love we can obtain from our generous Father, even when carrying out the minutest of our daily tasks. Let us consent to allow God to carry out His Fatherly function with us to the fullest, without impediments from ourselves, so that He can truly infiltrate all the intricacies of our lives.

We give our Father the utmost joy, pleasure and delight when we say “yes” to Him in this manner: He goes wild with unbridled joy and love. And because He is never outdone in generosity, God our Father then repays us as only He possibly can: with an abundance of graces and fruits far beyond the wildest of our dreams. All we need to do, to achieve all this beneficence,, is to abandon ourselves fully in His Hands and heartfully call Him Father, for whenever we call Him with His preferred and requested name, God the Father finds it impossible to resist us and descends to cradle us in the infinite love of His Divine Heart.