The Seal of God the Father – 1

The Seal of God the Father (Rv. 3:10-12) is the commencement of the coming of the New Israel, that is the New Jerusalem (Rv. 3, 21, 22). It is also the gift of Our Father’s covenants of peace, everlasting priesthood, and the right to acceptable expiation in His sight for our brethren – an unparalled gift to humanity. As Phinehas (Ex. 6:25) won Yahweh’s covenants of peace, everlasting priesthood, and the right to acceptable expiation by destroying the heresy of Pe’or (Nb. 22) with zeal for His Word (Nb. 25:1-13), so do each and every one of us who become consecrated to God the Father similarly win His covenants of peace, everlasting priesthood, and right to acceptable expiation in His sight, by playing our part in destroying the heresy of the 21st century. The latter, in essence, is the re-enactment in our present day and age of the entirety of the heresy of Pe’or. Namely the sins of iniquity, impurity, and idolatry that result in the desecration of ourselves as individual Temples of God, and originating with our ongoing commission of the capital sins of lust, envy, gluttony, and pride.  

Specifically Phinehas (Nb. 25:1-13), with his action of faithful witness within the context of his purity of heart and intent, (1) reconciled to Yahweh’s Word those Israelites who had committed sins of omission. He (2) saved the rest of Yahweh’s chosen people from the punishment by annihilation that had already been decreed them. He also won (3) Yahweh’s covenant of peace for both himself and the remaining Israelites. He additionally won (4) Yahweh’s covenants of everlasting priesthood and the right to expiate acceptably for the sins of his brethren. 

Upon becoming consecrated to God the Father, especially subsequent to purification, we similarly receive the capacity to (1) reconcile to God’s Word and Will through our example those of our brethren who have committed sins of omission. We actively start (2) saving the rest of the children of God from our global punishment through annihilation (Is. 13:19-22; Rv. 6:12-17, 8:1-5, 14:9-11, 16:17-21, 18:9-23) by calming His Just Wrath. We win (3) God’s covenant of peace for both ourselves and the rest of the children of God – in fact an outcome of consecration is the gaining of a core of peace, love, and joy in the hearts of our souls. We also win (4) God’s covenants of everlasting priesthood – the right to serve Him within our status but beyond that conferred upon us through baptism – and the right to expiate acceptably in His sight for the sins of our brethren.

All of this because consecration to God the Father results in the Seal of Our Father (Rv. 3:10-12), the Scriptural lineage of which dates back to Aaron (Ex. 28:36-38). Routes to becoming sealed are (a) the Consecration Prayer to God the Father or (b) the Holy Octave of Purification and Consecration to God the Father, found in the ‘Links’ section.