The tears of a soul

When a soul becomes indissolubly fused with the Core of the Divine Heart of God the Father through the heart of her soul, she starts experiencing a little of what Our Father experiences on a daily basis. She participates in His great Joy, Peace, and the indescribable blissfulness of His unparalleled Happiness as the Eternal Light, Love, and Life of all creation. But she also participates in the multiple sorrows that He experiences daily from the inflicted wounds upon His Heart through the unceasing – indeed ever-increasing – coldness, hatred, and indifference toward Almighty God by man.

The soul cannot help but shed profuse tears whenever Our Father is willfully or not-so-willfully ignored, marginalized, ostracized, blasphemed, neglected, and abandoned by His children. Especially when such behavior is enacted by those who, beating their chests, proudly and loudly state “but we believe!” In essence the soul feels the wounds inflicted upon God the Father by her brethren as though they had been directly inflicted upon her: that is with the anguish and piercing clarity of dagger-like stabs in the profundity of her heart. It is, in fact, precisely because of the infinity of His Goodness, an arrow literally pierces Our Father’s Divine Heart each and every time that we sin. With the arrow becoming thicker and plunged more deeply and intensely into His indescribably beautiful Heart according to the calculated deliberateness with which we commit – and continue unrepentantly to commit – our sins.

The soul then cannot but rush to lovingly and tearfully console our deeply wounded Father, for in consoling Him for the pain so callously and unflinchingly inflicted upon Him, the soul feels the palpitations of His Divine Heart being restored to strength as the pain of arrow wounding His Heart diminishes. The soul also hears her Father’s sighs which are the unverbalized pleas of deeply Wounded Love, which in turn both console and restore joy to the heart of the soul at being able to repair in some way for the unremitting grief and pain caused to God the Father. Grief and pain inflicted upon Him by the world. Therefore it is wise to remember that each time we fall into sin, we do not simply wound profoundly the Divine Heart of Our Father. We also pierce the hearts of all those souls who love Him.