The unity of the Divine and Sacred Hearts

God the Father leads to God the Son, just as the Son leads to the Father. In fact Jesus said that “everyone whom the Father gives Me will come to Me” (Jn. 6:37) and that “no one can come to Me unless drawn by the Father who sent Me” (Jn. 6:44). Jesus also said that “everyone who has listened to the Father, and learnt from Him, comes to Me” (Jn. 6:45).  

Thus not only does Jesus lead us to God the Father as most of us are aware. But that those of us who go directly to God the Father are led, without fail, by Our Father Himself to Jesus: “those whom You took from the world to give Me. They were Yours and You gave them to Me” (Jn. 17:6). This because we cannot be in Our Father’s Divine Heart without simultaneously also being in the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This because the Core of God the Father’s Divine Heart is one with the Son’s Sacred Heart, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, since “the Father and I are one” (Jn. 10:30), “the Father is in Me and I am in the Father” (Jn. 10:38, 14:11) and “Father, You are in Me and I am in You” (Jn. 17:21).

It is, in fact, to reconcile us with God the Father – that is to re-open the gate for us to re-enter into Our Father’s Divine Heart – that Jesus came to redeem us. A fact clearly illustrated throughout the gospel of John whereby, Jesus does nothing but point us toward, and show us, the Face and Will of God the Father.