The interpenetration of Love

When a soul becomes fused with the Divine Heart of God the Father, becoming fully in essence and being a true child of the Father, an interpenetration of love occurs between the Father and the soul. Infinite Love descends directly into the heart of the soul, from the Core of the Father’s Heart (the heart of His Heart), inundating the entire being of the soul. Due to the sheer immensity, purity, intensity, warmth and fragrance of love showered onto the soul, she cannot fail to respond in kind. In fact, without hesitation she turns to her Father in response, just like a flower that suddenly opens up and blooms; giving Him in return the profound love she finds herself feeling for Him, with great joy and happiness, as well as tearful gratitude. A return that deeply touches the Father’s Heart.

Nothing else exists for the soul externally to the desires of her Father’s Heart, as continually expressed both in and through His infinite l,ove. God the Father’s Will becomes part and parcel of the puny soul’s will. This is the interpenetration of love that occurs from the Heart of the Father directly into the heart of the soul, whenever a little soul – any little soul – becomes united with the Father. It is this indescribable closeness, tenderness, gentleness, surety and peace, within a dance of mutually reciprocated but endless love, that typifies the immensely sweet and irreplaceable intimacy of a soul with her Father. The intimacy of a true child with her One and only real Father; the commencement of the fullness of our inheritance.