A taste of Heaven on earth – Thought for the day

A taste of Heaven on earth is to live ongoingly in and through Love – the Love, Peace, Joy, and Happiness of God the Father – fruits that we constantly desire and deeply hunger for with regard to both ourselves and others. But how many times have we unsuccessfully searched for, and mindlessly continue to search for, and attempt to achieve such fruits in all the wrong places and ways of the world? Only one Person can truly fulfill every single one of our needs most profoundly and that is because He has created us Himself – He left His Imprint upon us.

In essence we are constantly homesick for God the Father as our Creator, even though many of us like to remain in strong denial about this. We are homesick because we are separated from Him and many of us think that He does not even care. But Our Father does care – immeasurably – and there is a very effective remedy for this homesickness of ours: it exists, it is available, and – for those of us who are rather monetarily inclined – it also happens to be free! This remedy is neither impossible nor difficult to obtain, insofar as we are genuine in our intent. It is most decidedly not reserved for the saints!

All that we need to do is to turn our faces toward God the Father – even if we do this with some hesitation or fear – and, in the silence of our hearts and minds, say in simple language “yes, Father, please come, I want You. I truly desire You to be my Father and I really want to be Your child.” The simpler the language, the better, as long as our intent is honest. Such a kind of asking on our part never fails to bring God the Father rushing out to meet us with boundless joy, descending most rapidly to fill the entirety of our beings fully with His Infinite Love. We should remember, though, that unless we specifically ask Our Father to come, He will not come because He never rudely intrudes on our freedom of choice. He respects us and never violates our free will.