Thanking Our Father

God the Father is the Provider for everyone and everything that exists in Creation. Yet how many of us actually thank Our Father, and this from our hearts, for what He provides us with? We generally have little-to-no problem thanking people for either things that they may have done for us, things that they do for us, or even things that we anticipate them rendering to us. In fact many, if not most, of us consider this the staple of good manners. But how many of us are similarly well-mannered in our relationship with our Beneficent Provider? How many of us consider it appropriate, respectful, and dutiful – that is truly filial – as children of God to genuinely thank Our Father for what He has given us, gives us, and keeps on giving us? Or do we – like the proverbial spoiled brats – simply turn to Him when we urgently need something that we cannot otherwise obtain independently? That is when all else has failed, insultingly turning to God the Father as though He Is ‘a provider of last resort?’ Moreover, even in the latter case, how many of us still ask Him for help most begrudgingly; that is as though we are pulling out our teeth?  

God the Father is a True and faithful Father – that is, it is both His obligation and responsibility to provide us with everything that we need in our daily lives. In fact providing anything less would be to fall short of His true Essence as the Perfect Father. However the relationship is not a one-way street although many of us like to conveniently forget this very basic fact. Being the children of God, we too have obligations and responsibilities! We have the obligation of dutifully asking for His help in each and every aspect of our lives before, when, and after things happen. We also have the filial responsibility to thank Him heartfully in advance for providing us with what we need. This is the essence of being a true child in any child-parent relationship, hence even in relationship with God the Father which is the epitome of child-Parent relations. Every time that we act in this filially reciprocal manner with Our Father, the Tenderness and Generosity of His Divine Heart never fails to be touched and provide us what we need – and then some!